ikattha is a safer space. A safer space is a supportive, non-threatening environment that encourages open-mindedness, respect, a willingness to learn from others, as well as physical and mental safety. It is a space that is critical of the power structures that affect our everyday lives, and where power dynamics, backgrounds, and the effects of our behavior on others are prioritized. It’s a space that strives to respect and understand survivors’ specific needs. Everyone who enters a safer space has a responsibility to uphold the values of the space.


We are committed to personal and collective growth. Everyone at ikattha should be open to questioning and being questioned. We want ikattha to be welcoming and engaging, and we encourage everyone – visitors, collaborators, volunteers and collective members – to be proactive in creating an atmosphere where the safety of others is validated.

Everyone entering ikattha is asked to be aware of their language and behavior, and to think about whether it might be harmful to others. We define oppressive behavior as any conduct that demeans, marginalizes, rejects, threatens or harms anyone on the basis of ability, age, cultural background, education, ethnicity, gender, class, caste, language, nationality, physical appearance, race, religion, self-expression, sexual orientation, species, status as a parent or other such factors.

By entering ikattha, and/or participating in ikattha events and activities, you agree to abide by the following guidelines:

  • Respect people's’ opinions, beliefs, experiences and differing points of view. Listen and change your behavior if someone tells you that you are making them uncomfortable.

  • Be aware of your prejudices and privileges and the space you take up at ikattha.

  • Be responsible for your own actions; be aware that your actions have an effect on others, despite what your intentions may be.

  • Respect everyone’s identity and background, including pronouns and names. Do not assume anyone’s gender identity, sexual preference, survivor status, economic status, background, health, etc.

  • Respect everyone’s physical and emotional boundaries. Check in before discussing topics that may be triggering (e.g. sexual abuse, physical violence). Physical and/or verbal threats will not be tolerated at ikattha under any circumstances. Disruptive individuals may be asked to leave the space.



The collective members and community members at ikattha are empowered to enforce these rules. If you cannot abide by the guidelines mentioned above, ikattha reserves the right to ask you to leave.



Individuals who have engaged in oppressive behaviors outside ikattha will still be held accountable within it. Those with a history of sexual assault or abuse or other oppressive behaviors may not be permitted entry into the space.

A safe and respectful community is everyone’s responsibility. We encourage you to make friends and look out for each other. If you see someone who might be in trouble, don’t hesitate to ask them if they need support.