­­­­­ikattha is a collective that used to work out of a studio near the old Sassoon dock in Mumbai. Artists from all walks of life and artistic backgrounds converged here with a hunger for collaboration and artistic exploration, ready to push our own practices and further collective goals. With a philosophy of care and support, we worked towards building a place for the artist and the community to meet. To avoid the artistic practice becoming insular, we built events for the artists and the community to come together and interact without the distance that so often sits between us. These intimate gatherings are ongoing attempts to demystify the artistic practice. By pushing conversation around the work of our peers, we work towards building a sustainable network of artists who love, support and learn from each other.


A place for listening and being listened to,

questioning and being questioned.


A space to combine thoughts, ideas, feelings.

A chance to dream, to think, to grow.

ikattha is what you make of it.