thoughts from our community

thoughts from our community

My experience at Ikattha was beautiful. I played a small gig there with a couple of friends and it was the most comfortable I've felt in front of an audience. Everyone is so unbelievably hospitable that it was tough for me to leave! I love the space and am so grateful that I stumbled across it since it was unlike any other venue I've been to in Mumbai. You guys are doing a great job for artists and creatives! Keep it up!

Aman Bajaj


Shreya Josh

HandPoke Tattoo Artist

 I love travelling to different cities to leave my mark on skin, ikattha gave me that space in Bombay. full of comfort in a new city, to have creative individuals, especially ones not from your field, motivate you is a special kind of support. I’ve had the opportunity to host events with ease and I’ve taken my favourite humans to enjoy movie screenings with my best friend and eat popcorns with my lover on a full moon night, all due to ikattha


I found the concept of ikattha a very lovely one; where all kinds of people could come to explore their inherent passion, without any boundaries or set agenda's. This space provides the perfect platform for stress-free artistic expression in all forms. It needs to be fully supported and carried forward with the same passion and intent it was set up as. I would love to see it continue and grow as an unconditional and loving platform of expression.

Gia Singh Arora

Performance artist & filmmaker

 I have attended Ikattha twice. My first visit was simply to meet the artists in the space and suggest a performance idea that I thought would fit in quite well with what they stand for. By this I mean, I was able to enter a non-judgemental artistic and collaborative space with a strong support system. A space in which new ideas are tried out, experimented with and a space where one need not have to always work alone. What a treat that is for any artist, to share and receive from one another. My second visit was for an event, a music event, where I noticed and realized that Ikattha is not a bubble, it is in fact invested in breaking old patterns of what we even term and deem as art. It is open to all. I truly mean ALL.


Helps businesses visually represent themselves on Instagram

 Having been a part of a lot of Ikattha’s “firsts”, the space always felt welcoming and of belonging. I remember having met a quiet artist, I believe she was a sketch artist and came to one of the gigs by herself by hearing it of on Instagram. She told me how she longed for a place where she could be and really give her all to her art (I’m guessing we all have school/work/mundane routines that end up taking a lot of our time and we forget to focus on what we truly love to do). The next time I saw her was at ikattha and she grew to be a big a part of the collective, always present and even hosting events. Just seeing that journey from an outside perspective was beautiful. I hope ikkatha continues to spark that light within creatives for days to come!!

Reshma Patnaik


 I remember the first time I visited you guys for a gig. Sid and Satyajit were performing that night and man, climbing that never ending flight of stairs was so worth it! I had been there with a friend I made from a hostel I was staying in Colaba. The gig was amazing as it is but the crowd too was so filtered and friendly.. really wasn't expecting such a place with positive aura in the midst of all the city hustle. For me the entire experience was very spiritual - just a bunch of amazing people hanging, sharing their stories and art, listening to great music, and just being there - in all that positivity. I know the lockdown has been pretty difficult on you guys..but please hang in there! We will get past these times soon and Ikattha is one of the first and favourite places I am going to be rushing up to!


Writer and Founder, ze0ne Design+Impact Studio

I first came to know about ikattha when it was still taking shape as a beautiful and intimate gathering space for artists and others alike to come together to connect during every full moon night to converse on varied topics. I remember that the first topic when I visited was: The importance of Rituals. It was beautiful. It is because of ikattha, my personal studio practice was born and now, we have an inclusive space in our own studio as well! ikattha is a ray of hope for us kindred spirits to rejuvenate energetically. it is a safe space for us as artists to be. it is the reason we as our studio exist in the first place. we love ikattha and every full moon night even millions of miles away, my team members and now 2 dogs send our love to them.


Fashion Communication student

Never physically been part of this but recently came across this space. Really enjoyed the live sessions! Hope you guys are doing fine. Regards



There was a Jazz sesh conducted at Ikattha sometime last year. That was my first time at your very beautiful space. Since I was new to Mumbai, I looked for a space to hangout with minimal interaction and just be. I got to do that there. Trust me, it wasn’t easy to find y’all. It’s too peaceful there. Please do carry on with what you do, it’s too good to be true.

Ruchita Shah

Yoga teacher and nutrition nerd

 I've been to Ikattha twice. One was the full moon celebration where we had the privilege to sketch artists from JJ school of arts. Out of my comfort zone, ikattha held space for me to just be and flow. Something in me shifted that night. The second time was to celebrate their 1 year and we did a yoga class with Lia. Ikattha has been warm and loving and I can't to wait celebrate my full moon rituals with them. ILLESHA is the heart of Ikattha and everytime I meet her, my heart is full.

Khyati Doshi

Founder, (lifestyle brand) Eternal Whites

It’s been so special to have this cute hide out art studio in the heart of Bombay. I’ve taken li’s yoga class, attended a gig, bought some merchandise and even spent an evening painting the walls with my complimentary beer! I love the space and the people! It’s so welcoming and always filled with something new to explore. Wish you lots of love and luck


Artist and printmaker

this place was something completely new and surprising to me, never had I seen thought of or been to a collective place of space and people like this, good vibes. I did participate in one of the gatherings, opened up to the world for the first time about the things we do at our studio, had some mead, reconnected with some old friends and made some new ones too. since then it has been a place in the city that seems familiar , a place you are not just visiting but a place I can go back to. feel a place like this should exist more often in more places not just bombay.


Fashion designer

The thing I like most about ikattha is the fluidity of thought, emotion, expression and feeling that it offers.The encouragement ikattha offers to artists, giving them a space to showcase their feelings, skills and talents, allowing them to network with other artists is unique and in today’s capitalistic society very hard to come by. ikattha is all about creating a synergy that elevates art to another level altogether. Whenever I have visited the space, I’ve come away motivated and excited and richer in more ways than one. The enthusiasm and energy is palpable. Pablo Picasso said ‘every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up’. It’s sad when artists have to give up on their creativity and skills and join the corporate bandwagon to make a living. I’m a fashion designer myself and to see the new generation take art and creativity to another level, at ikattha , is heartwarming.


Founder, Sensible.Earth, Goa

I just love the energy and vibe at ikattha. The place and people provide the comfort and acceptance needed in the creative process. The thinking, guiding principle of Ikattha has been an inspiration for us at Sensible.Earth. I could have never imagined such an inclusive place in Bombay, and that too in South Bombay

Saasha Irani

I make collages and absurd art

I’m dipping my toes into the artist community in Mumbai and have ALREADY met people I admire. I’ve been to all of one gathering at ikhatta so far, and it was nothing short of wholesome! Important conversations about love, politics, community, culture and so on that NEED to be started (or continued) are had here. Ikhatta redefines what it means to be an artist in Mumbai, giving the artist a platform for autonomy in expression, where creativity can be amorphous and mystic

Utsavi J

 Tattoo Artist/ Copywriter

I actually had casually reached out to Ikattha on their instagram to ask if I could be a part of their collective. I got a response immediately inviting me over. On meeting them, the experience was really delightful. They are polite, fun, sincere, genuine, hardworking, super creative and just nice people underneath this all. It is so important to be a nice person and that is what won my heart. I couldn't be a part of the collective due to the nature of my job related complications , but they have supported my work and my tattooing in every way they could have.

Rounak Maiti

Musician, writer and researcher

In a time where it's increasingly difficult to do and create art in a truly DIY manner, Ikattha stands alone as one of the only spaces that is built by artists and dedicated to serving artists. As a musician, it has been incredible to help curate shows and diverse programming that is a breath of fresh air from the regular club/venue circuit. It's truly a place where one can always expect great conversation and free flow of ideas, and every bit of programming is an entirely unique experience that one can only get at Ikattha.

Meghna Patpatia

Visual artist, art restorer

I visited Ikattha during Clement's exhibition and to see a friend Saumya who was an artist in residence then. I loved the vibe of the space and hoped to do a residency there soon. With the lockdown it has been pushed to the uncertain future. It's a really unique and airy place with so much natural light! Very hard to come across independent art space's such as ikattha which has an energy so conducive to creating art.

Pooja Aggarwal

Creative Mother

I visited ikattha on its launch day and loved the entire vibe. I wish we had a space like that when we were growing up that would allow us to experience creativity in various spheres - music, art, sculpture, poetry and meet other like minded artists. Now my daughter is exploring creative applied arts and im very excited for her to attend the many events ikattha organises whenever we are in mumbai! Hopefully they will have a delhi branch soon.

Rishab Pawar

 I strategise and plan businesses

Had a visited for a friend and really loved the vibe of the places and happy to see a group of cool people working. Under one roof. It was amazing, loved the vibe! Looking back forward to attend a gig or full moon event soon :) keep up the good work!

Atreyo Sinha


I visited ikattha a few times in the winter of 2018 to support my dear friends Illesha, Rounak, and Ayushi

ikattha is a special place just because there's no other space like it in Bombay. I've always longed for something like this: community-run, community-owned within the hustle-bustle of my hometown. We're very lucky to have a spot like this where we can feel comfortable and we need to do everything we can to preserve and protect it :)

National Animal

emancipator//beatmaker//performance artist

Performing at Ikattha was a refreshing break from the heavy profiling at gate-kept venues one usually experiences in Mumbai. The experience was of collective inclusiveness; warm and hospitable. Would love to follow up with other miscellaneous activities that happen there, from what I gathered from the bulletin board. Have kept in touch with the facilitators there, and have continued to enjoy a steady flow of intellectual and aesthetic stimuli from their part to this day.

Aanchal Saxena

Architect, exhibition coordinator and arts manager

I was invited by Ikattha to curate a series of movie nights. We screened 3 films over the span of 2 months, and I’d love to resume the event once the lockdown is lifted.

ikattha is probably the only space of its kind in the collaborative-creative space starved city of Mumbai. Ikattha (meaning together) embodies the true essence of its name. Just by being available and present to facilitate organic creative gatherings, the space has given the much needed platform for art to thrive. I can tell already that this space and it’s values will prove to be seminal in shaping the lives of some of the brightest creatives of the country.

Ahaanta Jagannadham

Poet,  content + creative head at ze.0ne studio

When I attended the first full moon gathering, the conversations and the humans around had me absolutely awestruck. It was my first time in a space that was completely devoted to art and its growth. My experience of art up until then had been restricted to drawing still life in school, or watching tutorials on youtube. You can imagine my joy at having discovered so many beautiful truly kindred spirits talking of their mediums of expression with such zeal and enthusiasm. in simple words, ikattha facilitated my initiation into art.

Hersh Acharya

Media lawyer / Photographer

Ikattha has definitely made an impact on my artistic journey - it is an insipiring space, filled with a community of open and welcoming individuals. It provides a space for expression and creation of art that is different from most other artistic avenues in the city. It is an engaging space, focused on creating communities and these uncertain times, I think it is an absolutely vital resource that must be protected and promoted.

Mili Sanwalka

 Business stuff / tech x impact

 i still have to pinch myself when i think about places like ikattha existing in Bombay. i was previously only exposed to spaces like this -- which encourage community, creativity, reflection and exploration -- while traveling. every time i've visited ikattha i've left with something new; seeing a new style of painting, hearing about a new author, finding a new idea, reconnecting with an old (or new) friend. its a special special place -- where the sunlight pouring in through the floating curtains seems to drown the room with joy. and as night falls, even moonlight becomes warm and comforting.


Freelance designer / entrepreneur

Love the energy at ikattha. So much positivity. The events bring together such an eclectic and diverse group of people. Very few places in the city can manage to do that in an intimate way. I participated in a show last year and it was such a wonderful experience. Walked away with so much more perspective regarding my work and the local creative community in general. Looking forward to set foot in this magical space once again after the lockdown ends.

Claire Nichols


Ikattha was a saving grace when I visited Bombay from London to make work earlier this year. Ikattha gave me access to a community of artists to connect with. Illesha and all of the artists welcomed me warmly when I came to visit, and encouraged me to come back and spend time with them. I really enjoyed sharing ideas in discussions after their film club, and their one year birthday party was a beautiful celebration of the work of its members and their wider networks. I also met the wonderful Studio Trace at Ikattha with whom I collaborated for my performance in February. Ikattha is an important informal and generous network in Bombay.

Cameron A Granger


I spent three weeks in Bombay as ikattha's first artist in residence. I come from the US and I've never been remotely close to India in my life, in fact this was only the second time I had ever left the country! illesha guided me through the process of getting over, and when my flight touched down, and I walked through the space's doors I was greeted by an immediate warmth. Sankalp, Clem, Sid, Satyajit, Kosha, Saum, Tripti—everyone made me feel like I had already been a part of the group. They made sure I had everything I needed, and helped me navigate making work in what truly felt like a new world. The project I brought to ikattha was a traveling library of artist made books I had curated as a part of the space’s one year anniversary. I was blown away by the amount of people that came through, and wanted to spend time with the work. There was a level of attention and thought that everyone gave to the books that I had never seen before in the past iterations of the library. Local press even wrote about it! I think the success of this project, something small that I brought from so far away that all of the members helped me make happen, speaks to the way that ikattha and it’s members not only exhibit, but facilitate community. I have spent many moments of my practice in and out of artist run spaces as a member, exhibitor and resident, but I don’t thank any have loved on me the way ikattha has. My days there are ones that I will cherish and carry forward for as long as I’m able to move through the world.


Writer and Artist

I chanced upon news of a program at Ikattha very randomly through another open studio. I somehow made to it the very next day, after sitting all day for a laborious film school exam. I ended up staying till 1. This script has basically recurred a couple of times since then, nights morphing into day often. Every instance introduced me to a whole new set of peers I would not have chanced upon otherwise. Or if I had, I would certainly not have made enduring(for now) connections verging on fraternal. I would not have found collaborators. I am not aware of a similar community or space in the city, where such exchange or dissemination of art and ideas happens in such informal, free glowing and non-structured way. It has definitely been a bout of fresh air with regards to an otherwise entrenched art and culture scene which still privileges great names and feels gated to young unheralded artists. In these time of desolation one harks back to times of togetherness often. Whether it was the the teatime golden burst of sun into the studio in midst of a sombre reading, or the restless proliferation of thoughts aloud post screening, watching and hearing the daybreak,or joining into impromptu jams, there was always more life per unit time on offer.

Ira Chadha-Sridhar


 I visited Ikattha for an art opening by a wonderful artist - Clement. The space was welcoming, warm and informal. It lacked the barriers of entry - unstated and stated - that are often very present at art galleries in the city. I think it manages to bring together a great, creative set of people and adds to life in the city for those of us who've had the privilege to be associated with it!



& former ikattha collective member!

I encountered Ikattha when I was just starting out, much like Ikattha itself. Having moved back to Mumbai after art school, I was finding it a difficult transition of being back home. I missed the community and the supportive + collective energy that art school provided. Coming back felt like leaving those roots behind. So when I came across Ikattha through Illesha, I was very excited. It is a beautiful idea because while the city has a lively art scene, there are few spaces that are for artists by artists. The people that make up Ikattha are fiercely kind, supportive, and welcoming beings. And this is the overall vibe of the space as well. Being amongst these artists shaped me in new ways. When I left my job and joined the collective subsequently, the space provided me with an opportunity to learn, grow, rejuvenate, and self-reflect. I came away each day with learnings about being an artist in the community, for the community. And this is the thing I truly love, the space has always opened itself up to both artists and non-artists without the air of exclusivity that often makes itself present in art spaces and institutions. It has been from the very start accessible financially and approachable, which I have found to be rare with so many workspaces in the city. Mumbai deserves a space like this to continue (and more to flourish) where people can discuss, enjoy, appreciate art in all its forms and shapes in an intimate, inclusive, casual, and safe setting! Thank you for the friendships, the conversations, and the love & encouragement :)

Manvi Jalan

Writer, poet, independent journalist / social media and content

Sometime in Nov '19 thanks to a friend who brought me here. Before I moved to Mumbai, I got a call from said friend who said, "Manvi, move to Mumbai, there are some amazing people making art and I want you to meet them." I felt less terrified about moving.

I moved to Bombay last year. It was a difficult transcontinental move to a challenging city where it's easy to end up alone. Ikattha, and everyone I've met in this space makes me feel hopeful, excited and home in this exhausting city. To be in a space where people make room for conversations, art and just you, as you are, even at your worst and most helpless makes it special. I keep returning to my own creative process with more compassion, watching the incredible people who make ikattha, ikattha. I returned to my body thanks to a contact improv session here and hopefully made