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The world grows increasingly digital; our relationship with physical space is rapidly transforming. Walking is an action on the brink of extinction, movements are insular, distances are covered faster, journeys  shorten. The world is point A to point B, skipping an infinity of possibilities in between. You see the horizon through the car windshield, synthetic forest sounds play on loop as you sleep, you breathe through a mask of microplastics.


Forced into virtual movement by the worldwide pandemic, our consumption of the written word has probably never been so high - text messages, instagram captions, e-books and reddit forums and work emails and 280 character explosions. We read across a massive time/space scale. We span digital distances with words, knowing all the while that the journey that will take us furthest is inward.


The question we grapple with most now, and perhaps we always have, is the state of our souls. ikattha seeks to publish writing that brings us into awareness of the spiritual in the everyday. How a cup of coffee may be divine, and loving might be prayer. The daily dance of our lives, those anchors to the realm of the spirit. Unafraid to talk about what happens under the surface of life, we will have more questions than answers. We publish with a deep belief in the power of the written word to alter our relationship with ourselves and the world.


Space, place: Landscape. This will be the primary interrogation of ikattha's publications. Our aim is to collect diverse writing from across Goa that ponders the question of geography. However you may see it. By collecting poetry written in and about the location of publishing, we want to push our readers into a hyper-localized reading: drawing maps, and making the intangible a traversable distance. Goa, reimagined.


This is a call for poetry, poetic prose, letters, journal entries that address the Goan landscape. Think of this as abstractly as you must; bring us wandering and wondering.


Submit by emailing us a PDF of relevant writings to

Be sure to mention:

date, location written and location about (if applicable)

Works are required to be written in goa.


Selected writing will be published in a book, the first of a series, titled fresh poetry from, goa. Living with books can be transformative, books you hold close through life. ikattha publishes thoughtfully made books, books that you want to live with.


We imagine the fresh poetry from, series as small enough to fit in your pocket and vast enough to open new dimensions of existence.